Walks with the family

Walks for all the family

If you’ve already spent some time here in our region, this won’t be a surprise for you. It’s ideal for open-air activities, a dream place for family holidays.

Full of the most wonderful walks and hikes in the heart of a stunningly diverse and exceptional countryside: with vineyards, a rich history and dolomite rock formations in circles….

Some of the walks are well-adapted for occasional hikers looking to discover the Clermontais area, not wanting a walk that’s too difficult, but one that’s pleasurable. Come on, get into your walking shoes!!

Hiking leaflet only in french

Rando fiche Le Céressou

Rando fiche avec tracé de la balade le Ceressou, un ancien volcan.

Rando fiche Villeneuvette

Randofiche avec tracé de la balade à Villeneuvette qui suit le réseau hydraulique de l'ancienne manufacture royale.

Rando fiche Balade médiévale

Randofiche avec tracé de la balade médiévale à Cabrières, découvrez les vestiges de l'ancien chateau

Rando fiche Mourèze : Sentier découverte des Courtinals

Randofiche avec tracé de la balade du sentier des courtinals à Mourèze.