Tourism and special needs

What is the Tourism et Handicap brand name?

 Which public is the brand for?

This brand is destined for a public who has specific needs.

For visitors with special needs and their carers, the brand name “Tourism and Handicap” is a guarantee. Its objective is to put out reliable, descriptive and objective information about accessibility to tourist sites and equipment concerning 4 special needs (audio, mental, motor and visual) and to develop a tourist offer adapted for this specific public.


The players of the Brand 

The government :
Hérault tourism : Claude BLAOHO PONCE and Muriel SANZ will accompany you at every step.

The professionals (accommodation, food, activities…)

Acquiring the brand name ‘Tourism and Handicap’ is an advantage for professional tourist organizations to display accessibility and reception of a specific public. This in fact makes them the players and the ambassadors for the reception of a special needs public.

The list of professional trades susceptible to receive the brand is vast. It includes accommodation, food, sporting and cultural activities, places to visit etc.

If you are a professional and would like to join the initiative : contact +33 4 67 96 23 86

If you want a list of accessible sites: link to the guide accessible (french only) to the Clermontais.