In the heart of the vineyard

While hiking in the Clermontais you will discover that it is mostly a land of vineyards.

Clermont l’Hérault has a history of having been the “capital” of table grapes, renowned for cultivating the chasselas variety of grape which was sent to the capital. The Parisians were particularly fond of them.

The vines in our day produce mostly wine grapes and the landscape changes according to the season. The indigenous varieties of grape bloom like a patchwork of incredible colour, while the numerous winemaking villages still maintain a particular architecture.

In the vineyards, the mazets and capitelles were constructed in dry stone, small walls and lots of stone assemblages which are a witness to the work of many generations. In any season, you can see the winegrower working in his vineyard, there is much to do all year round! If you are visiting at the time of the grape harvest, you will see a myriad of wooden containers hurrying on the small roads to the wine cooperative before it closes.

And then if you really feel like it, why not stop by to visit the wine cellar of one of the many local producers. You can be sure of a wonderful encounter and you will get to know all about the making of wine while tasting it!