Cirque de Navacelles

Cirque de Navacelles, Grand Site de France

 If you enjoy big open spaces, don’t hesitate for one second to go and visit the Cirque de Navacelles, up on the plateau of the Larzac.

After having crossed a part of the plateau which seems really deserted, you will arrive at the Baume Auriol, a surprising and astonishing place.

Take a closer look at the pretty limestone walls; the view is spectacular and unique! The river Vis, which is flowing almost 1000 ft below, and has been in the millions years gone by, has dug into the rock creating a dry pathway like an island on its journey. The local population calls it the ‘oyster’.

In past times the inhabitants of the hamlet of Navacelles cultivated a variety of cereals. With a bit of luck you might also see some vultures flying around, recently reintroduced into the bordering Cevennes.

For more information on what to see and do in the Lodévois, contact the Tourist Office of the Lodévois and Larzac.