Along the waterways

In the Clermontais, like everywhere, water is precious. If you go on a detour through the villages, you will find that many of the fountains get their water from springs that come from the upstream karstic subsoil.

The river Hérault which cuts across the Clermontais is accessible at Canet where the bathing spots under the shade of ancient trees are the joy of the village children! The river is calm and safe for swimming, but be careful if there are thundering storms … time to leave and find shelter.

Upstream, the river Lergue which gets its water from the foothills of the Larzac has a few secret beaches which are open to the public to be used with repect and care. The banks of the river are sometimes privately owned. You may or may not observe the diversity of birds residing there during the year …keep your eyes open wide!

Lastly, there is the river Dourbie that emerges near Mourèze and cuts across the village of the manufactory workers inVilleneuvette and runs into the river Hérault near Canet, while remaining discreet. However, you might like to observe it near the “bridge of love” in Villeneuvette or even on the shores of the Domaine de la Dourbie in Canet.

La Dourbie