Land of the Olive

Olives in an olive grove – PAYSAGE_Oliveraie@GeorgesSouche


When walking in the Clermontais there are vineyards to see but also beautiful olive groves. Here you are in the kingdom of the olive.

The lucques is the star with numerous cousins all as tasty and generous! The most traditional varieties are the verdale cultivated in the Hérault, the picholine and the olivière that is made into oil.

The lucques is also an eating variety which is harvested in September. It is easily recognizable by its oblong shape, its dense green colour and its soft fleshiness which is also crunchy. Ideal to have with an aperitif and its oil is fruity but rare, and extremely refined. Some gourmets will also sense almond or walnut aromas …


Everyone knows now that the olive trees of our region suffered severely from the frost of winter in 1956. They’ve made a come-back since the fashion for food has changed to “healthy”, olive oil has become the remedy for all ills and has made our producers very happy. Numerous olive groves that were lost or became wild have been saved. They are pruned and pampered and our production today has found its former glory. Many mills have reopened so as to satisfy the growing demand for olive oil.

The famous provençale tapenade had better watch out. Here it is made out of black olives but also green ones and sometimes with original variations. Not to mention the olivades (pressing of the oil) and the olive cream a real delight to us!

All these products can be found at the local markets, in the farm produce shops and at the restaurants in the Clermontais which are the ambassadors of choice.

Every year during the Christmas period the first production of the year’s olive oil is celebrated and tasted. Enjoy!





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