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The Randoland cards are a sure bet that you and the family are going to have great fun discovering the Clermontais!

How does it work ?

Get your card for playing from the Tourist Office or download it below and go off on a real hiking inquiry with Inspector Rando’s help!

Gather together all clues you can get about the historical, architectural or natural heritage.

The cards have six to ten enigmas related to notions of vocabulary, mathematics and subjects to reflect on … all made up like a treasure hunt adapted to three age groups : 4/6 years; 7/9 years; 10 years and over.

When all the answers have been found, go back to the Tourist Office where Inspector Rando’s assistant will check them and give you a diploma for being the perfect detective!

”No more walks to places where children drag their feet on the ground !” that is the Randoland slogan.


APN_randoland@kerkezz – A child looking for Randoland clues


Randoland cards:






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