Pic de Vissou

The Pic de Vissou

Visible from a distance, the Pic de Vissou has an attractive allure and is like a signal! Its peak is likened to the shape of a shark’s tooth. This old mountain is more than 330 million years old. Overlooking from its height of almost 1 600 ft isthe wine-growing area of Cabrières.

A real paradise for nature lovers, geology or prehistory, its numerous fossils and paleolithic vestiges make it a remarkable site. To find out more about all its treasures, a visit to the wine museum of the Cabrières wine cooperative is highly recommended.

Pic de vissou

From there you can make a discovery tour of the Pic de Vissou by taking the hiking circuit that goes from one end to the other through the vineyards and olive groves. Just one little bit of advice, taste the excellent award-winning vintage wines on your way back !

This extraordinary landscape can also be contemplated from above… bu taking-off with a paraglide monitor from the crest of the Pic du Vissou in complete confidence.

The Pic du Vissou its surronding environnement : the lake Salagou and the Cirque de Mourèze… Allow yourself to be tempted, you’ll be in good company with fervent free-flying professional gliders.


Découvrez l'histoire du village de Cabrières et ses alentours, notamment le pic de Vissou.

Rando fiche Les crêtes du Vissou

Randofiche avec tracé du circuit les crêtes de Vissou.

Rando fiche Balade médiévale

Randofiche avec tracé du circuit la balade médiévale.

Rando fiche Les drailles des Crozes

Randofiche avec tracé de la randonnée les drailles des Crozes.